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WGS VMware Module v4.0.7

WGS VMware Module

WGS VMware vSphere is a fully automated module that will reduce 90% of your IT person cost. With this module, once the user orders the service the admin does not need to create VM manually or install the OS. Moreover, the network adapter also manages itself and once the server is provisioned, the module will send all the details to end user. We are providing a rich client area UI feature where user can manage all the controls like start, stop, reinstall the server as well as manage the server snapshot.

Module Key Features

1. Auto Provisioning VM After Payment Successfully.

2. Auto assigns IP and Network adapter once VM created.

3. Auto installation of the operating system.

4. Ability to migrate VM from one data center to another data center without losing the data.

5. Ability to assign the existing VM created for WHMCS users.

6. Power Off, Power On, restart create a snapshot in the client area.

7. Stop auto invoice generation while assigning existing VM’s to your customers.

8. Introducing product grouping to make products edits process fast.

9. Support custom orders, as your users can now choose a custom configuration

– WHMCS v8.7.x support
– PHP 7.2 to PHP 8.1 support
– vCenter 7.0+ Compatible

Price $30

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